Review: Inertial Drift – A ’90s-Style Racer With A Unique Drift Mechanic

Born Slippy.

There are so many racing games out there nowadays that it takes something really out of the ordinary to stand out. Inertial Drift absolutely ticks this box, and while it isn’t an overwhelming success in every regard, its unique control system could result in a cult following nevertheless.

Its main hook, as the name suggests, is its focus on drifting. What’s particularly notable, though, is the way this drifting is performed; this isn’t your typical racing game where the left stick is for steering and drifting is usually achieved by tapping the brakes or handbrake as you turn. Indeed, this isn’t a game where steering with the left stick will get you very far at all – doing so only turns your car a slight amount, meaning you’ll smash into the wall on all but the mildest turns.

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