Mini Review: OkunoKA Madness – A Fine Rival To Super Meat Boy

A meaty alternative.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, chances are you’ll be quite familiar with Super Meat Boy, even if you haven’t necessarily played it. Renowned for its slick controls and brutally difficult gameplay, it was one of the most prominent games to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010, and remains an important title to this very day. OkunoKA Madness wears its inspiration on its sleeve, with gameplay so immediately familiar to fans of Super Meat Boy, there’s an undeniable sense of déjà vu.

Thankfully, as an experience in itself, OkunoKA Madness is an easy recommendation, and a great alternative if you’ve already rinsed Super Meat Boy. Its story is set across a variety of increasingly complex levels, with a simple objective of making it to the end of the level intact and within the shortest possible time. Movement is as slick and responsive as you could possibly hope for, and you’ll be wall jumping and manoeuvring across tricky gaps in no time.

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