Light restoration of my Schleich 2000 Sperm Whale figure

Light restoration of my Schleich 2000 Sperm Whale figure

I am about to do a review of this figure for the Animal Toy forum. This figure was released by Schleich in 2000 and retired in 2012. The sculpt was owned by Maia and Borges and was re-used for Papo in 2016 and Mojo in 2018.

I owned the original for a long time in addition to the latter two models. However, before I took the photos, I wanted to try and restore the paint job in areas where it has been chipped. The following pictures are the incomplete restoration, where I only managed to replace the paintjob on the top of the head and the back ridges, compared with the complete restoration. The portions circle in blue are the portions that still in progress.

The tasks were a bit intimidating because the original paint job was accomplished using an air-brush, and I was attempting to patch it up using small paint-brushes and acrylic paint. However, with some good mixing to get some of the grays right and a light application, I was able to pull it off well enough.

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