Mini Review: Ary And The Secret Of Seasons – A Cut-Price Zelda With A Unique Mechanic

Not to be confused with Ori.

Jumping into Ary and the Secret of Seasons – an action-adventure title – we’re immediately reminded of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. We’re introduced to our heroine Ary, who, by playing with her toy figures, recounts an ancient story of an evil mage vanquished by a legendary warrior. Before too long, Ary is whisked away on her own adventure where she will encounter evil hyenas, crumbling ruins, and various puzzles. It’s a strong start to a game that unfortunately couldn’t retain our interest thanks to poor combat, lacklustre visuals, and distracting glitches.

The overarching premise of a world turned upside down by mixed-up seasons is told wonderfully through well-orchestrated cutscenes and impressive animation. The characters ooze charm and we were immediately taken with the story’s protagonist. It’s a bit disappointing that the plot forces Ary to dress up like her brother, Flynn, in order to progress with her mission, but thankfully the game doesn’t dwell too much on this particular aspect. There are also plenty of colourful characters to meet and converse with as you traverse the magical world of Valdi, and the environments feel much more lived-in as a result.

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