Review: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Jack’s Back In An Enjoyable, If Unoriginal, Slash ‘Em Up

Long ago, in a distant land…

Any conversation about the greatest cartoon TV shows must inevitably make reference to Samurai Jack, the early 2000’s samurai epic from Genndy Tartakovsky. Featuring Tartakovsky’s signature angular animation style and a surprisingly mature narrative, the show easily captured the hearts of millions in its original run. Then, after a hiatus of over ten years, Jack’s story was brought to a definitive close in 2017 with the airing of the fifth and final season. After that ending, it seemed pretty concrete that Samurai Jack was done and dusted, but then someone at Adult Swim Games decided a video game should be made based on the IP.

Tie in games like Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time have arguably become rarer in the modern era of gaming, as gamers grew wise to the cheap cash grabs that are made with minimal effort. Fortunately, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is not one of them; this was a game made with intention. Adult Swim Games brought in Soleil—a dev team comprised of some key ex-Team Ninja staff—for the development duties, Genndy Tartakovsky for the writing, and almost all of the original cast for voice acting duties. The end result is something that feels a bit like a ‘lost episode’ of the TV show, while also nailing all the right elements to make for an enjoyable game in its own right.

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