I had an RS Media as a kid.

So a long time ago (can’t honestly remember how young I was) when I was a kid I had an RS Media from WowWee. It was the orange one with a screen if you wasn’t sure.

Anyway, after my parents split my dad wound up living with my grandparents. We shared a room there whenever I stayed and would leave my toys there. Now on to the interesting bit. I must have left the robot on before I went back to my mum’s. My dad claims that while he was in bed he woke to the sound of the RS Media saying something like “I watch you while you sleep”. To which he bolted upright to see two glowing red eyes at the other end of the bedroom. He immediately puts two and two together and promptly turns it off.

Now. I have googled in the past to see if it had such a line or function and have found nothing of the sort. My question is “Did my dad make this up?”. I have asked since and he still told me that it’s true.

Which alternative is scarier?

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