Review: King of Fighters R-2 – A Pocket-Sized Fighter That Still Packs A Punch

Calm down, Star Wars nerds.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color is one of the most underrated systems in video game history. Released just a few months after the Game Boy Color, its 16-bit innards meant its games looked significantly better than those on Nintendo’s handheld, and its clicky control stick was a delight too.

Ultimately, though, the system was a failure, capturing just 2% of the US handheld market. As a result, many of its games remain undiscovered and unplayed by most of today’s gamers. Slowly but surely, though, we’ve started seeing some of them on Switch: SNK Gals’ Fighters was released a few months back and anyone who pre-ordered Samurai Shodown on Switch got the NGPC Samurai Shodown! 2 as a free bonus (incidentally, it’s now available to buy separately).

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