N64 Joins The Roster Of Old Nintendo Consoles Turned Into Fan-Made Switch Docks

Nintendo Switchy-Phwoar.

When it comes to custom Switch docks, the fan community has shown some incredible ingenuity over the past three years and come up with many an eye-pleasing alternative to Nintendo’s official offering. The fan-made Link’s Awakening and Animal Crossing docks (not the official one, although that’s pretty too) are particular highlights.

Several older generations of Nintendo hardware have found themselves repurposed as fully-functioning docks for the hybrid console, too. We’d had the recycled NES Switch dock, of course, followed naturally by the SNES variety, and we’ve even seen third-party manufacturers channelling retro console designs, with the PowrBay looking like a mini (and squashed) GameCube, and Hyperkin’s mini dock echoing the curves of the Nintendo 64.

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