Hello! Hoping someone can help me identify a toy I lost through the years of moving from house to house.

I got it at a garage sale in phx Az around ’97. (If that helps any regional identifiers)

It was a dagger or maybe intended to be a sword, but was 11 or so inches. All dense hard plastic. Solid. So I believe it was injection molded, all one piece. It was grey, not metallic. The whole thing, just a light grey. It had a square-ish cross guard (gently rounded edges). A fuller down the blade, round edges of the blade and a round point. The handle had a small spiral groove or possibly stipped grooves but I’m pretty sure it was a spiral. The pommel on the end was circular with a step down. (Meaning something could be inset into it like a stone, although I don’t believe anything ever was).

It was my favorite toy. I slayed countless foes and rescued many a damsel with it. If anyone had one and knows where they originally got it, I would be delighted to know. If not, well I just described from memory the coolest fuckin dagger a 7 year old could have wielded.

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