Introducing Game Decks, A New Tabletop Board Game Series Which Debuts With Mutant Mudds

The first of many crossovers on the cards.

If you like to mix your video gaming with the tabletop variety, this may just tickle your fancy. New company Game Decks is debuting a series of tabletop card games featuring different gaming properties. The first two sets are based on Atooi’s Mutant Mudds games and will be available soon exclusively via Limited Run Games.

Game Decks is a board game formed, as you might have guessed, by a deck of cards. Each deck is unique, with the first two releases based on indie hits Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. Both of them are 2-4 player games where players pick one of three official Board Designs (including one designed by the creator of Mutant Mudds himself), or create their own.

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