Review: Rogue Company – A Solid, If Unspectacular Hero Shooter With Plenty of Potential

Derivative delight.

Hi-Rez Studio’s Rogue Company arrives on Nintendo Switch in paid beta form with three tiers of Founder’s Packs – starter, standard, and ultimate – available to competitive shooter fans whose trigger fingers are too itchy to wait for the free to play version slated to arrive later this year. This one’s an absolute mish-mash of ideas from popular online shooters that have gone before, all drawn together with the expertise we’ve come to expect from the creators of the likes of Paladins and Realm Royale. It’s an impressively solid, if rather unspectacular affair that performs well on Switch whilst providing what feels like a pretty robust starting point from which to blossom through future updates and additions.

From the moment the action kicks off in Rogue Company you’ll be reminded of aspects of just about every other online shooter you may have played over the past couple of years. Rounds kick off aboard your team’s aircraft where you’ll get a limited amount of time to shop for weapons and perks à la Counter Strike before gliding into battle, as you’ll have done thousands of times before in Fortnite or Apex Legends, and landing on tight little maps that force you and your adversaries together in fast-paced 4v4 match-ups. Each character here has the ability to dodge-roll out of harm’s way and players get downed by attacks before dying, giving their team a few moments to attempt to revive them. It’s all been done before, there really are absolutely no surprises in store for fans of the genre, but what’s here is bolstered by slick performance that sticks to its 60fps target in both docked and handheld modes, voice-chat, seamless cross-play and cross-save with PC, PS4 and Xbox and a generous TTK that gives matches a laid back, arcade feeling that’s perfect for jumping into for a quick session here and there.

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