💥 Help! My daughter is prone to Special Interests now is interested in dead Disney franchise💥

My poor kiddo was too little for Palace Pets when they were popular and now that they’re gone and prices jacked up on Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and Target, she is obsessed with them 😭 her main focus is the Furry Tail Friends but she’s still happy with the minis and still considers her plushie Taj as part of her collection. She’s been a collector since she was a toddler and once she gets into something she must consume consume consume. And of course there’s about four dozen of them and she knows each of their names. If anybody happens to see them somewhere for cheap (even if it’s just a coloring book or a poster, she will be thrilled) I would so appreciate being pointed in the right direction. She also has a Palace Pets bookbag, 5 minute storytime book, and I just ordered her two more story collections and the busy book from thriftbooks. Oh! And she’s dying for some blindbags. Here’s a list of the toys she’s missing:

Treasure’s, Fern’s, and Pounce’e crowns RIP 😭

Lychee Lapis Sweetie Lily Snowpaws Stripes Macaron Ash Plumdrop Daisy Rouge Seashell Blossom Bloom Blondie River Bippidy Brie

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