All the Best Deals on PS4 Games and Accessories

You won’t find any deals right now on PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro consoles, but you can still score some discounts on PS4 games and accessories. For instance, Final Fantasy VII Remake is marked down to $49.94 right now. Here are the rest of the deals.

PlayStation Plus is $34.99

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Enter our exclusive promo code IGNPSN at checkout, and you’ll get an even better deal on this already-discounted subscription code.

PS4 Game Deals

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PS4 Game Preorder Deals

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You don’t have to pay full price for all preorder games. Amazon and Walmart have begun giving everyone a $10 discount on select upcoming titles.

Where to Find PS4 Controllers

PS4 controllers are pretty widely sold out nowadays, but you can still find them at regular list price here and there. Here’s are the color configurations available now.

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PS4 Accessory Deals

As with the controllers, stock is tough to find for many of these items. Below, you’ll find deals on PS4 accessories where available, and full-price versions of hard-to-find items that are in stock.

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PlayStation Store Gift Cards


PS4 Services

PS Plus

ps-plus Anyone who wants to play PS4 games online needs a PlayStation Plus subscription to do so. That’s a bummer, but on the plus side, you get free games each month.

PlayStation Now

ps-now This service lets you stream or download from a massive library of games.

PS4 Buyer’s Guide

At this point in the PlayStation 4 lifecycle, you can generally find some pretty good deals floating around. If, however, there are no notable discounts when you’re ready to buy, it’s smart to purchase a PS4 bundle that includes a game you would have bought anyway – provided the bundle costs less than the sum of its parts sold separately.

One thing to watch out for when buying a PS4 is overpriced consoles. With so many (possibly shady) third-party sellers at sites like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart, you’ll often see PS4s that are priced above the MSRP. Obviously, you’d be wise to avoid these, as there’s no reason to pay more than you have to unless they’re out of stock everywhere else. Here’s the MSRP for the typical PS4 hardware.

  • PS4 Slim – $300
  • PS4 Pro – $400
  • PSVR with Move Controllers – $350
  • PSVR without Move Controllers – $300

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