Review: Urban Trial Tricky – A Mix Of Trials, Tony Hawk And Joe Danger That Doesn’t Quite Nail The Landing

Joe Hawk’s Rising.

If you’ve ever indulged in a little of Redlynx’s Trials series, tried your hand at some Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or dabbled a little with Hello Games’ Joe Danger on last-gen consoles, you’ll have a good idea of what Urban Trial Tricky is attempting to aim towards. Tate Multimedia has created a messy mish-mash of all three here, with cartoony characters taking on urban stunt ramp courses filled with obstacles, jumps, trampolines and see-saws that you’ll traverse on your motorcycle as you attempt to grab some massive air and pull off all manner of spectacular tricks whilst avoiding wiping out. It’s a decent enough effort and for its budget price there’s a fair amount of content to keep you busy but, unfortunately, there’s an overriding scrappiness to the whole thing that makes it hard to truly fall for hard this one – which is ironic given how often we busted our faces off its virtual concrete.

Urban Trial Tricky starts out by giving you a quick tutorial in how to move your bike around the screen and it’s straight out of the Trials playbook with accelerating and decelerating mixed with shifting your weight around in order to stay balanced or pull off wheelies and stoppies. Beyond this, there’s a dedicated jump button which you’ll use to clear small obstacles and, more importantly, hold in as you speed up ramps, letting go as you summit in order to launch yourself extra high and gain enough hangtime to pull out a big fat combo of slick tricks.

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