Review: Outbuddies DX – Offers Lots To Love, But The Failings Of This Metroidvania Bring It Down

With buddies like these…

You can’t move for Metroidvania games these days, and given that a huge percentage of these are indie games with retro-style graphics, we propose a new subgenre called Retroidvania. Outbuddies DX fits rather nicely into this new pigeonhole we just created, and we can safely say that of all the Retroidvania games we’ve played, this is… well, it’s certainly one of them.

After his ship sinks, archaeologist Nikolay Bernstein wakes up to discover that he’s in Bahlam, a sunken city of the ‘Old Gods’ that happens to be located 36,000 feet underwater. On top of this, he promptly finds himself linked up to a ‘buddy unit’, a little drone thing that follows him around. And as if all that wasn’t enough, he soon discovers the Wozan, a friendly tribe of little miner dudes who ask him to help rescue 80 of their people who’re being held hostage by the evil creatures who’ve taken over Bahlam. Probably took his mind off the shipwreck, to be fair.

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