Can you please help me identify this toy from my childhood?

Can you please help me identify this toy from my childhood?

FOUND! by soopahdee

Thank you everyone

Mine was a different color combination but that is it.

Apparently is has a “fan base” – I’m not the only one!

Someone made a similar sketch to mine…


Hello – I am locked in a struggle of trying to identify a toy from my childhood. It is of high sentimental value to me so I’d really like to find a picture of the toy or maybe even one for sale. I’ve included a sketch of the toy and numbered notes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts trying to identify it.


  • The toy can be described as a “Starship-shaped action-figure holder/carry-case with detachable escape-pod / small ship”
  • The toy came into my possession in this range: mid-to-late 1990s to very early 2000s
  • The sketch is from the top-down view of the ship.
  • The ship is SLATE GRAY
  • Whole ship is approx. 2ft long
  • I don’t believe this to be a brand line (like Star Wars) but I don’t know for sure, so please don’t discount any ideas

Sketch Legend:

  1. This is the cone of the ship. Inside are lounge-chair/seat-like spaces for action figures.
  2. The cone is plastic and opens like gull wing style with the opening down the spine.
  3. There is a plastic strip/bar along the spine of the ship that acts like a handle.
  4. The ship is SLATE GRAY
  5. The detachable escape pod / ship is BRIGHT BLUE
  6. The detachable escape pod / ship is a small ship that fits maybe a 6 inch action figure.
  7. The detachable ships canopy is plastic, smokey opaque gray.
  8. This void is where the miniship lives
  9. It audibly clicks/locks into place when joined to back of ship.
  10. Action figure “seating” in the central body of the ship.There are a number of slots / plastic lounge chair-like seating cubicles in the central body and cone.I do not know the true number an position of these so don’t trust the sketch completely.

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