Deals: Pokémon Fan? Check Out This New Line Of Pikachu-COOL & Pikachu-POP Gear For Your Switch

Tough to ‘chus a fave.

Ask a random stranger on the street to name a Pocket Monster and there’s a good chance that a certain yellow mouse will be the Pokémon that passes their lips (assuming they can name one at all). Sure, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Eevee have their fans – and there are a handful of post-Gen I Pokémon that might pop up in conversation – but #25 has been the poster-‘mon of the crew since forever. He’s the best, the beautiful, the only Pikachu.

Assuming your love for Ash Ketchum’s #1 pal is strong (and you don’t insist that Metapod is superior just to be contrary), you’ll probably love the look of this incoming dual wave of Pikachu-branded accessories and swag for Switch and Switch Lite as much as we do.

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